Southern Gospel Times Annual Top 40 Chart
Based on the total number of fan votes for 2018.

Song Artist Position
Sometimes It Takes Silence Joy Holden 1
Jesus Messiah Gaither Vocal Band 1
I Run To You Hazel Stanley 2
Why Should I Worry Baker Family 3
I Believe He's Alive Bowling Family 3
If That's What It Takes Isaacs 4
Washed By The Water Jason Crabb 5
I'd Do It All Again Hazel Stanley 6
Gotta Be Saved Karen Peck & NR 7
Find Me Faithful Perrys 8
Anyway One Step Closer Band 9
Power In Prayer 11th Hour 9
At The Foot Of The Cross Dean 10
Jesus,What A Wonerful Name Williamsons 11
Cost of the Cross Kingsmen 11
Healer In The House Joy Holden 12
Sing It Again Jeff & Sheri 12
What's Not To Love Mark Lowry 12
Fifty Years Tomorrow Gary Parsons 12
Somewhere Around The Throne Dunaways 13
If Church Pews Could Shout Gold City 13
He's Changing My Story Voice Of Hope 14
Yours Amen Isaacs 15
And I Know Hoskins Family 16
Faith Is All You Need Family Legacy 16
WhenI Lift Up My Head Canton Junction 16
Even In The Wind Joy Holden 16
Sun's Gonna Come Up LeFevre Qt 16
I Can Trust Him Michael Combs 16
The Cross Is All The Proof I Need Triumphant Qt 16
Broken People Like Me Old Paths 17
Bless His Name Pruitts 17
Somebody Here WiseCarvers 17
Pray For Power Pauline Patterson 17
Doin'What's Right 11th Hour 17
Woke Up This Morning Guardians 18
Our Time To Shine Jordan Family Band 18
Wayfaring Stranger Jeff & Sheri Easter 18
Waging A War Voice of Hope 18
You Are Good Wilbanks 18
11:59 Sunday Drive 18
What A Day That Will Be Rejeana Leeth & New Grace 18
Another Day Sisters 19
Our Song Will Be Jesus Lauren Talley 19
Go Tell Perry Sisters 19
The Sermon Misty Freeman 19
Extraordinary Poet Voices 19
God Told Me To Walk A Little Farther Porter Family 19
Dont' Give Up On God Anoited 20
Beyond Amazed Brian Free & Assurance 20
Love,Love,Love Gordon Mote 20
I Know I'll Be There Karen Peck & NR 20
Psalm 113 Steeles 20
Staisfied The Cokers 20
Almost Through The Storm The Gibsons 20
Waiting At The Top Tim Livingston 21
The Prodigal Comes Home Tribute Qt 21
When He Laid His Hammer Down Troy Burns Family 21
God Against The Law The Sneed Family 21
Look Up Talleys 21
Let THe Church Rise Lefevre Quartet 21
My Legacy NailPrint 21
God Doesn't Care Greater Vision 21
When The Ring The Bells Of Heaven GoodMan Revival 22
Hallelujah Band Gaither Vocal Band 22
Saved Hazel Parker Stanley 22
Song Of Moses Hoppers 22
When I Lay My Isaac Down Porter Family 22
Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You Kingdom Heirs 22
Heroes Of Faith Kingdom Heirs 22
Take It To Calvary Ju-ell Fant 22
Grab Your Umbrella Talleys 22
For What I Don't Know Taylors 22
LOve Them While They're Here Susan Whisnant 22
Faithful Whisnants 22
He Never Moved Whisnants 23
Give Your Smile Away Wilbanks 23
Prayer Is All You Need Wilburn & Wilburn 23
Psalm 23 (Remix) The Wilbanks 23
Running The Martins 23
Hope For All Nations Karen Peck & NR 23
Daddy and Son Nelons 23
Be An Overcomer Hoppers 23
Oh,Dear Sinner East Rdige Boys 23
Dying To Be With You Akins 23
He Can Take It Brian Free & Assurance 23
Man I Am Today Browders 23
Same Hands Cana's Voice 24
You're About To Climb Collingsworth Family 24
Something Beautiful David Phelps 24
Do You Love Me Charles Black 24
He Sees What We Don't Bowling Sisters 24
You Are Bates Family 24
In The Eyes Of Man Blood Bought 24
Clear Skies Ernie Hasse & SS 24
Clouds Erwins 24
Rolled Back Stone Greater Vision 24
That's Who He Is Griffith Family 24
God Is With Me Jim Brady Trio 24
Lost Jim Brady Trio 24
On The Sea Of Life Jeff & Sheri Easter 24
He Said Stephens 24
At The Cross Is Where Forever Begins Reborn Singers 25
Don't Look Back Rochesters 25
Keep On Rochesters 25
Let's Meet By The River The Bakers 25
When I Start My Day With You The Bakers 25
Mysterious Ways Jason Crabb 25
You Chose To Be My Friend Jason Crabb 25
I Wont Turn Back Jay Stone Singers 25
I Trust The Cross Legacy Five 25
Little Is Much Michael English 25
Carry Me Jesus Michael Combs 25
Joyous News Lore Family 25
Christ My Hope,My Glory High Road 25
I Will Stand Gold City 25
Now I Can Sing Griffith Family 25
Watch And See Erwins 25
Put It Into God's Hands Browders 26
Reassure Me Dunaway's 26
I Can't Explain It Dean 26
Talk The Talk Walk The Walk Dean 26
Least I Can Do Ball Brothers 26
His Blood Barber Family 26
Two Coats Aaron & Amanda Crabb 26
Run The Race Hyssongs 26
I Don't Wanna Lose That Feeling Hoskins Family 26
The Refridgerator Door Mark Bishop 26
Mama Prayed Mark Lowry 26
Didn't It Rain Michael & Delilah 26
I Wanna Be Somebody Music City Quartet 26
Just When You Thought Joseph Habedank 26
I Can Smile Journeys 26
Peace Is On The Way The Old Paths 26
Walk Around Heaven Sons Family 26
I Prayed Through It Susan Whisnat 26
Every Moment,Every Mountain ,Every Mile Williamsons 26
Plain & Simple WiseCarvers 26
Livin' In the Lion's Den Three Bridges 26
We Believe Troy Burns Family 26
I Want To Be The One Tim Livingston 26
Thankful,So Thankful Triumphant Qt 27
Jesus Saves Thress Bridges 27
Never Changes Steeles 27
Prodigals Steeles 27
Runnin' Sharon Stewart & Out Of Ashes 27
This Thing Called Grace Talleys 27
You Better Get Right Jordan Family Band 27
A Day In The Life Of Jesus Misty Freeman 27
You Can't Make Old Friends Nelons 27
That's Grace Primitive Quartet 27
Who Do You Know Mercy's Well 27
I'm Gonna Wish I'd Worried Less Mark Bishop 27
Love HighRoad 27
By And By Hoppers 27
God Fights On My Side Guardians 27
All My Hope Gold City 27
Redemption Draweth Nigh 2nd G 27
Testimony Time Down East Boys 27
Faith In A Great God Carolina Boys 28
He Will Carry You Brian Free & Assurance 28
Problems At Home East Ridge Boys 28
Present In The Presence Of The King Guardians 28
People Get Ready Hazel Stanley 28
The Other Room Mark Bishop 28
Most High God Louise Kidd 28
Jesus Knows All About It Mercy's Well 28
Be Brave McKameys 28
Put It All On Calvary's Hill Poet Voices 28
It Carried Him Perrys 28
Walk My Way Ivan Parker 28
My God Is Faithful Jordan Family Band 28
We're Gonna Rise Littles 28
Thre's No Other God Joylanders 28
The Last Big Thing Kingdom Heirs 28
The Stone Is Rolled Away TaRanda 28
Anything Less Taylors 28
Prayer Warriors The Gabbards 29
When I Speak Your Name The Wilbanks 29
Good News Never Gets Old Three Bridges 29
I'm Gonna Pray Tammy Jones Robinette 29
That's How You Know Shireys 29
He Set Me Free Sunday Drive 29
I Can't Erase The Message Tim Livingston 29
Meeting In The Middle Of The Air Tribute Quartet 29
Revival LeFevre Qt 29
He's Making A Way Pruitt Family 29
Broken Chains Nailprint 29
So Good To Me McKameys 29
In Jesus Name Michael Combs 29
Black Sheep Mary Burke 29
Somewhere I'm Going High Road 29
I've Seen Enough Hyssongs 29
ShadowOf His Hand Eighth Day 29
Give Me Jesus Ernie Haase & SS 29
All My Reasons Are You Cana's Voice 29
I Will Fear No Evil Coffmans 29
I Want To Praise Him 11th Hour 29
I've Got Jesus 2-R-More 29
Everything He Forgot Brian Free & Assurance 30