Southern Gospel Times Annual Top 40 Chart
Based on the total number of fan votes for 2019.

Song Artist Position
My Lord Is Taking Good Care Of Me Detty Sisters 1
Blaze Of Glory By The Book Quartet 2
Mama Prayed Mark Lowry 3
I'd Like To Meet The Preacher 11th Hour 4
You Are Loved Jeff & Sheri Easter 4
Heavenly Ride One Step Closer Band 5
From Dust To Glory McKameys 6
Pray For Power Pauline Patterson 6
The Way You Touched Me Pauline Patterson 6
There Is A Healer Adam Crabb 6
The People That God Gives Bowling Family 6
Even Me Triumphant Qt 7
Heaven Is Ernie Haase & SS 7
All My Hope Gold City 7
Day One Jason Crabb 7
On The Sea Of Life Jeff & Sheri Easter 7
Victory Shout Kingsmen 7
A Rugged Old Cross LeFevre Qt 8
So Good To Me McKameys 8
Set Your House In Order Gordon Mote 8
Watch And See Erwins 8
God Is Working Family Legacy 8
Lean On The Cross Family Legacy 8
The Flag Carman 8
Peace Is On The Way The Old Paths 9
Six Feet Tim Menzies 9
We Believe Troy Burns Family 9
Faithful Whisnants 9
Faith LIke That Dunaways 9
The Touch Of Jesus Charles E. Black 9
Deeper Gerald Crabb 9
Before The Sun Goes Down Hoppers 9
Joy On The Journey Mylon Hayes Family 9
Jesus.You're Always There Primitive Qt 9
I Can Do All Things Raymond Deason 9
Praise His High & Holy Name Sons Family 10
Love All Day Long Nelons 10
Heaven Just Got Sweeter For You Kingdom Heirs 10
I Know I'll Be There Karen Peck & NR 10
What Kind Of Man Legacy Five 10
Old Church Choir Hazel Stanley 10
Life Battle Cry 11
Better Chandlers 11
Stand By Me Charles Black 11
I Can't Explain It Dean 11
The Country Needs The Cross Dustin Jenkins 11
He Will Deliver Edwards Family 11
Alabama Mud Gold City 11
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus Hazel Stanley 11
Uncommon Praise Guardians 11
You Chose To Be My Friend Jason Crabb 11
You Better Get Right Jordan Family Band 11
Under Water Joy Holden 11
He's Making A Way Pruitt Family 11
Grab Your Umbrella Talleys 11
The Sweetest Story Told The Wilbanks 12
Let's Meet By The River The Bakers 12
Going There Triumphant Qt 12
In Desperate Pursuit Wilbanks 12
Lean Over A Cloud & Wave Sons Family 12
Come Sunday Morning Old Paths 12
It Carried Him Perrys 12
Even In The Wind Joy Holden 12
I See God Marty Raybon 12
Mount Testimony Lore Family 12
It Took The Cross Griffith Family 12
This Is The Place Gaither Vocal Band 12
We Are God's Children Gaither Vocal Bnad 12
Testimony Time Down East Boys 12
I'd Like To Tell It Again DownEast Boys 12
Call On Jesus Dean 12
Everything He Forgot Brian Free & Assurance 12
A Lot With A Little 11th Hour 13
I Want To Praise Him 11th Hour 13
Rolled Back Stone Greater Vision 13
You've Arrived Greater Vision 13
God Fights On My Side Guardians 13
He'll Make A Way Hazel Stanley 13
I'm In Good Hands Mark Bishop 13
Forever Young Again NailPrint 13
My Legacy NailPrint 13
Jesus Knows All About It Mercy's Well 13
In Jesus Name Michael Combs 13
Little Is Much Michael English 13
Revival LeFevre Qt 13
No Other Name Like Jesus Josh & Ashley Franks 13
Grateful Pruitts 13
Put It All On Calvary's Hill Poet Voices 13
Don't Look Back Rochesters 13
The Stone Is Rolled Away TaRanda 13
Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord Steeles 13
Every Moment,Every Mountain ,Every Mile Williamsons 13
Running The Martins 13
Could You Still Love Me The Neymans 14
Letting Go Southern Raised 14
That Little Crowded Room Tim Menzies 14
Take Him To That Place Tim Livingston 14
He's Here For Me Williamsons 14
Jesus To Me Wisecarvers 14
Silhouette Wisecarvers 14
Never Changes Steeles 14
He Set Me Free Sunday Drive 14
Mama's Been To Heaven Before Sharon Stewart & Out Of Ashes 14
That's How You Know Shireys 14
Garden Of Grace Misty Freeman 14
I'm Gonna Wish I'd Worried Less Mark Bishop 14
Faith Is All You Need Family Legacy 14
By And By Hoppers 14
We Can't Talk About It Anymore Horn Family 14
Now I Can Sing Griffith Family 14
In The Meantime Goulds 14
Longing For Home Ernie Haase & SS 14
A World To Believe In Bilderbacks 14
Blood Of Jesus Carolina Boys 15
I Will Never Grow Tired Of Loving You Charles Black 15
Blank Page Dunaways 15
Born Again Eternal Vision 15
Love HighRoad 15
Its A Beautiful Day Mark Bishop 15
There's A Way Back Mark Dubbeld Family 15
Who I Am Today Melissa Evans 15
That Wonderful Day Soul'd Out Qt. 15
What Can Change The World Sunday Drive 15
That's Grace Primitive Quartet 15
This Is The Lamb Westward Road 15
Hiding Place The Sound 15
You're Not The Only One Tim Livingston 15
Meeting In The Middle Of The Air Tribute Quartet 15
Place Where I Found Grace The Woodalls 15
Prayer Warriors The Gabbards 16
Love Still Flows Taylors 16
Good News Never Gets Old Three Bridges 16
Composer Of My Life Tim Lovelace 16
Give Your Smile Away Wilbanks 16
Almost Home Ricky Luster Sr. 16
Anyway One Step Closer Band 16
I'm Gonna Pray Tammy Jones Robinette 16
Runnin' Sharon Stewart & Out Of Ashes 16
Heal The Wound Martins 16
We're Gonna Rise Littles 16
Blow Ye The Trumpet Emmaus Road 16
His Blood Barber Family 16
He Won't Leave Me In The Dust Crystle Elam 16
My Life In A Song Dean 16
Its All Good Blended Heart 17
Dont' Give Up On God Anoited 17
Smell Of Smoke 3 Heath Brothers 17
Do You Love Me Charles Black 17
When God Says Wait Browders 17
Problems At Home East Ridge Boys 17
Choose Life Hyssongs 17
Run The Race Hyssongs 17
run To The Light Soul'd Out Qt 17
Anything Less Taylors 17
LOve Them While They're Here Susan Whisnant 17
Still Rily Harrison Clark 17
Best Of Forever WiseCarvers 17
I Want To Be The One Tim Livingston 17
Down The Road To Damascus Three Bridges 18
God Against The Law The Sneed Family 18
Keep Me Close Whisnants 18
God Told Me To Walk A Little Farther Porter Family 18
I Rest Assured Poet Voices 18
You May Feel Lonely Littles 18
Take It To Calvary Ju-ell Fant 18
Sometimes It The Radio Joseph Habedank 18
Lost Jim Brady Trio 18
Ready To Know Lore Family 18
Wherever You Are Melissa Evans 18
God Says You Can Hyssongs 18
He Is Mine And I Am His Hoppers 18
Saved Hazel Parker Stanley 18
Fifty Years Tomorrow Gary Parsons 18
Jesus Messiah Gaither Vocal Band 18
Give It To You Cana's Voice 19
The River Karen Peck & NR 19
Sing In The Valley Perrys 19
Love,Love,Love Gordon Mote 20
Well Done My Child Adam Crabb 20
Shame On Me Joseph Habedank 20