Southern Gospel Times Weekly Fan-Voted Chart

The Southern Gospel Times Weekly Chart reflects a song's true popularity faster than many other charts because you, the fans, determine a song's position with your votes. It takes a substantial amount of votes not only to get a song on this chart, but to get a song to "move" on this chart.

Although we don't release the exact number of fans voting, they number in the thousands, and together they create a huge cross section of voters coming from all over the world. As a result, you may see some lesser-known groups do very well on the chart because each ballot offers the opportunity to write in a vote for songs or groups that may not be currently appearing on other charts. Remember, this is a fan-voted chart, not politically motivated nor driven by any agenda other than determining what the fans like and want to hear.

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Weekly 100% Fan Voted Top 40 Chart
for Week Ending 11/21/2020

Song Artist This Wk Last Wk Movement
Look At All I Lost Old Paths 1 6
Devil's A Liar Family Legacy 2 1
Never A Time Perrys 3 15
Over The Next Hill Pauline Patterson 4 5
Always Angels David Timms 5 20
Standing In The Need Of Prayer Darrell Luster 6 0
The Lamb Collinsworth Family 7 0
Love Don't 11 Hour 8 23
The Proof Is In The Scars Vernon Greeson 9 10
Eye Of The Storm Triumphant Qt 10 11
Fear Not Tribute Qt 11 12
Oh I Want To See Him Tim Goshen Ministries 12 4
Heaven Is Mine The Woodalls 13 0
Faithful In These Times The Wilbanks 14 13
Hiding Place The Sound 15 0
House Of God Taylors 16 0
What If Jesus Steeles 17 0
Didn't He Promise Lore Family 18 0
This Grace Joseph Habedank 19 0
Here's A Reminder Hoskins Family 20 2
Headed Home,Almost There Hazel Stanley 21 17
How Big Is God Guardians 22 0
Grace Became Amazing Gordon Mote 23 0
Til The End Freemans 24 0

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