Southern Gospel Times Weekly Top 40 Chart

The Southern Gospel Times "Fan's Hot 40 Chart" is the only weekly, 100% fan voted chart in Southern Gospel Music.  Our chart reflects a song's true popularity faster than many other charts because you, the fans, determine a song's position with your votes. It takes a substantial amount of votes not only to get a song on this chart, but to get a song to "move" on this chart.

Although we don't release the exact number of fans voting, they number in the thousands, and together they create a huge cross section of voters coming from all over the world. As a result, you may see some lesser-known groups do very well on the chart because each ballot offers the opportunity to write in a vote for songs or groups that may not be currently appearing on other charts. Remember, this is a fan-voted chart, not politically motivated nor driven by any agenda other than determining what the fans like and want to hear.

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Weekly 100% Fan Voted Top 40 Chart
for Week Ending 4/14/2018

Song Artist This Wk Last Wk Movement
Hallelujah Band Gaither Vocal Band 1 14
God Doesn't Care Greater Vision 2 0
If That's What It Takes Isaacs 3 10
Our Song Will Be Jesus Lauren Talley 4 0
Somebody Here WiseCarvers 5 0
Prayer Is All You Need Wilburn & Wilburn 6 0
For What I Don't Know Taylors 7 0
11:59 Sunday Drive 8 0
He Said Stephens 9 0
Keep On Rochesters 10 8
Extraordinary Poet Voices 11 0
Go Tell Perry Sisters 12 0
Broken People Like Me Old Paths 13 0
What's Not To Love Mark Lowry 14 0
Heroes Of Faith Kingdom Heirs 15 0
Gotta Be Saved Karen Peck & NR 16 0
God Is With Me Jim Brady Trio 17 0
Sing It Again Jeff & Sheri 18 9
Washed By The Water Jason Crabb 19 0
Song Of Moses Hoppers 20 12
When The Ring The Bells Of Heaven GoodMan Revival 21 2
Somewhere Around The Throne Dunaways 22 1
At The Foot Of The Cross Dean 23 16
Something Beautiful David Phelps 24 17
WhenI Lift Up My Head Canton Junction 25 0
I Believe He's Alive Bowling Family 26 19
In The Eyes Of Man Blood Bought 27 0
Why Should I Worry Baker Family 28 4
Redemption Draweth Nigh 2nd G 29 5

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