Family Legacy is excited to release the song “God Is Working” to Christian radio.

Jan 29 2019 ,Songwriter Robin Milby states, “This is a song that is different lyrically from the normal fare.

My co-writer, Darrell Goodlett, and I wanted to pen a song that talks about God being a real 24/7 presence in our lives.

So many times, I have gone to bed at night facing an obstacle the next day, whether it be at work, financial or relationship-based, that was so overwhelming to me that I knew it could not be fixed by me.

I would sometimes cry and ask God to deal with the situation on my behalf. The next day, miraculously, every possible thing that could go right would go right. I came to realize that God had been working while I was sleeping...this song
grew from those experiences.”

“We believe in this song,” says Family Legacy member Eric Vertrees. “‘God Is Working’ is hemmed together with prayer in hopes that it will minister to the hearts of listeners.It is a song for today and can be found on Patterson Promotions Vol.31

The release of “God Is Working” comes on the heels of Family Legacy’s first release from this project, “Faith Is All You Need,” which enters the Singing News chart at #78 for the month of March.

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