Voice of Hope Trio Releases "Waging A War"

Lebanon, Ohio (March 27, 2018) Voice Of Hope Trio is proud to announce the release of their new single, “Waging a War”. This song reminds us there are going to be many times in our lives when we are facing challenges or battles, but we should not let those struggles weigh us down. We need to stop waging wars that are not ours to fight, and trust that God will fight the battle for us. The battle is not ours, but the Lords.

Waging a War can be found on the group’s first all original CD containing songs inspired by the changes we need to make in our lives. From no longer trying to fight our battles on our own to understanding He has the power to change our life’s story for us, the trio prays you will find a new hope in Him and proclaim that this is your season! The title track from the CD, This Is Our Season, was the group’s debut on the Singing News Chart coming in at #63 for March, 2018.

All three singers agreed, “We are excited about the CD and the message each song brings. We are also thrilled for the recent Singing News Chart results for This Is Our Season, and we are looking forward to seeing how Waging a War will be received.” You can get the group’s CD at live events or digitally on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Google Play.

Voice of Hope is a mixed trio from Southwest Ohio whose desire is that God will open the eyes, ears and hearts of those who will hear so they might receive and believe in Him.

You can keep up with Voice Of Hope on their website at http://www.voiceofhopetrio.com.

Follow Voice Of Hope on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VoiceofHopeTrio

“Waging a War” was written by Nathaniel Noertker and produced by Angie Hoskins-Aldridge.

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