Louise Kidd Making Her Mark In Southern Gospel

Louise Kidd lives in Fairburn Georgia. She sings and writes her own music under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Most High God, the title song from her first album was a favorite of her mother, and one that Louise often sings during her private worship time with God.

Louise's mom believed that the song Most High God would one day become popular on Christian radio; therefore, Louise recently released Most High God as a single to Southern Gospel Radio stations after her mom passed away last August.

The release of the song is in honor of her mother and the Most High God Who is the inspiration of all her music. Louise can be contacted at her email address praisegodwithme@att.net. She is very grateful to all the radio stations that play her music.

Louise would like to do more recording and release more singles. Contributions to her ministry for this purpose are greatly appreciated. It is very expensive to record and release songs to radio.

Louise's music can be found on Patterson Promotions Vol.27.

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