The Greatest Gift

Thank you for taking the time to listen to a very unique group, The Greatest
Gift, whose passion is to win the world for Jesus Christ. Their achievements
and accolades thus far, are approximately 97 awards within the last two
years. The Greatest Gift has won the Pine Tree State Country Music
Association Gospel Band of the Year, Song of the Year, Instrumentalist of
the Year, and Vocal Group of the Year, and placed first for their debut album
“Come Into His Presence”. They have also won the Down Efsast Country
Music Association Gospel Album of the Year, Gospel Band of the Year, two
#1 songs of the Year, Vocal Group, and Instrumentalist of the Year. They
won the Northeast Invitational Country Showdown’s Gospel Band of the
Year, then winning the most awards ever in Pigeon Forge TN for the North
American Country Music Association International (NACMAI) winning 16
awards total. Gospel Band of the Year, Gospel Vocal Group of the Year,
Album of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, most Promising Video of the
Year. They were also placed on the 59
Annual Grammy Awards ballot in
They were hosted in the Christian Voice magazine with Darlene Zschech
from Hillsong. Recently, in July 2017, The Greatest Gift was on four TV
shows, “Magnify” in Atlanta, “Nite Line” in Greenville SC, “Club 36” in
Augusta Georgia, and “Hour of Harvest” on WLJC in Beattyville KY. All
four stations combined reached almost 38 million people with the gospel.
Our group gives all of our achievements to the Lord Jesus Christ, as He is
the one who has opened the doors and given us the opportunities, and
provides the finances for The Greatest Gift.
We look at ourselves, as three misfits in the southern part of Maine that have
been very blessed and privileged that God would call us to help represent
His great Plan for this world. No matter where we go, we know God is
before us. We know the time is drawing near, and therefore want to reach as
many souls for the Lord Jesus Christ as we possibly can. To God be the
glory for all that we do
Wayne, Mike & Krys
Of The Greatest Gift

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