The Sons Family Back Again

The Sons Family has been a staple name
in Southern Gospel music for several years.
With charting songs such as “When I Start
My Day With You” and “No One Can Wear My
Robe”, the family has made their rounds to
be sure. Even though the members have
changed somewhat from it’s origin, they
have still kept it in the family.

The family consists of the matriarch Gayle
Sons that has been the cornerstone of the
family since the beginning. The new
comers include Gayle’s son Greg Sons as
well as his wife Kim, and children Samuel
and Hannah. Even though the sound may
have evolved somewhat over the years, the
foundation is the same…the anointing. The
Sons Family focuses on bringing in the
presence of God to wherever they sing in
hopes of souls being saved, healed, and

There have been so many amazing things that
has happened in the short time that The Sons
Family has been back on the road.
For starters, they were honored with getting a
front page place in the January edition of
“Christian Voice Magazine”. Along with this, the
title track of their new album “This Time Around”,
has rose to number 11 on their charts.
The group was also nominated for two
separate awards this year. The first was
Favorite Southern Gospel Group. The
second was that Greg was nominated for
Male Horizon Artist of the Year.

Their latest single “Walk Around
Heaven” was released through Patterson
Promotions Vol.26 in July.

Contact info:
606 484-1202

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