June 18, 2017 -- FROM ELI FORTNER -- This Wednesday morning (the 21st) will be the day I get new life thanks to what God put in my bud's heart to do. This is my donor. We've known each other our entire lives. God's knocked down some huge barriers and we're a perfect match. So now the countdown begins.. prayers appreciated.

June 22 .. FROM ROGER FORTNER -- Eli is back out of surgery and in a room..he's doing better..the kidney is doing fine and they have seemed to have fixed the problem..THANKS FOR EVERY PRAYER THAT WAS SAID ON HIS BEHALF!

June 23 .. FROM ROGER FORTNER -- I got a FaceTime call from Eli this morning and he's doing good! He says hes weak but is gonna try walking some today. CJ is also doing well

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