Popular soloist Tim Livingston started the new year with exciting news. His latest single, “Without You,” secured the #1 spot on the January SGN Scoops Magazine radio chart. Last year, he had tremendous radio success with numerous Top 5 Songs, helping him to emerge as one of the top soloists in Southern Gospel Music. Tim has been singing since he recorded his first project at the age of 15. Through the years, he has been blessed with five #1 songs and has won several awards including “Song of the Year,” “Male Vocalist of the Year,” and “Songwriter of the Year.”

“Tim is an unbelievable talent! Singer, songwriter, preacher, radio mogul - there’s simply no end to his abilities. It’s wonderful to see God bless his ministry. I am blessed beyond measure to have produced his latest batch of hits, as well as work radio promotion for him. He has quickly become one of the most played artists on the radio,” stated Les Butler. “Without You” is available on his latest project, I Just Miss You. His new single, “Higher Ground,” has just landed at radio. For more information on Tim, go to www.timlivingstonmusic.com.

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