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St. Luke 14:23, “And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

HIGHWAYS AND HEDGES? This hit me … BIG! What do you find on the “highways?” What do you find in the “hedges?”

Oh, my, the highways are so dangerous. They are filled with wrecks, road rage, ambulances, speeders, good drivers, careless drivers, people talking on phones, texting, switching lanes, good cars, good trucks, junkers, people with flat tires, people with broken down vehicles. Wow, the list can surely go on!

What is in the hedges? I see multiple trash items thrown out: broken bottles, paper products, clothing, dead things, dried food, dead/rotten animals, articles of dislike and etc.

Jesus said, "Go." This is just a reminder! When I think about God wanting us to get out there and get’em, it strikes a chord in my heart and brings an urgency into my spirit. There are many people in the conditions that I have just mentioned. Think about someone you know, or have heard about, that feels like they are the wreck on the highway or that worthless individual that has been thrown to the side of the highway/hedges! Jesus said, "Get ‘em'...compel them to come". This compelling is not a demand but a compel of such love, they see it vibrating from you...a bright shining light. Why? So HIS house may be filled.

The Church is a HOSPITAL for the sick, abused, broken, and devastated...the sinner. We as Christians have much work to do. We sometimes, I believe, complicate the things of God because of our own selfish ways. We might have to help clean someone up or administer first aid but this is natural. Jesus will clean them up spiritually. Jesus can clean the inside, as well as the outside. He can dispose of trashy things! He can set their feet to dancing on the road to happiness. Only Jesus can save a sinner...and turn a sinner into a Christian. Jesus commands us to "GO get them."

We can't expect people who have been on a miserable highway or cast off in some unfamiliar hedge to come into our churches and look and act like us. Where are we, Christians? It is our duty to serve. Jesus reminds us, "If you love me, feed my lambs: if you love me, feed my sheep". How can we say we love our Heavenly Father whom we have not seen, if we can't love our brother/sister whom we have seen? This gets close to home! Can you imagine literally saving a LIFE on the "Highway of Life" or scrambling through the TRASH in the HEDGES and finding a "Diamond!”

Let us get real! We are either in the race to WIN IT or we are not! Are we really interested in covering multitudes of sin? The armor of God is for battle. Let us get out into the highways and hedges and start compelling. We need to let others know we want them to be among us. We can be great soul-winners… if we GO! The house will be filled...simply by being a good HIGHWAY and HEDGES Samaritan.

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Reader Comments:

Char Burton says: I have had the pleasure of knowing Gayle Hensley for many many years. She is genuine in her walk with the Lord. I love reading her material because she lives it on a daily basis. It is an absolute blessing to call her my friend. I love you Gayle.
Jo says: Such a true feeling of the gospel...and such a true friend. Our churches do need to get out into the highways and hedges to show the true love and spirit of our Lord. i can remember my dad, going to the streets of Cincinnati and feeding the hungry, not only with food for the body, but food for their souls. Many hitchhikers were picked up and many bus tickets bought to get them back to their home. Like Gayle, he was a "go get them" on the highways and in the hedges. Love you Gayle and please keep me and my family in your prayers.

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