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Pocket Full of Sunshine - Treena Wycoff


School’s out for the summer! Kids are living a different lifestyle for a few months. Parents’ schedules change, summer camps happen, family vacations occur, and life breaks free from some of the everyday routines we grow accustomed to most of the year. What will your summer consist of? What adventure will you and your loved ones embark on? Perhaps a family reunion is in your summer forecast.

Summer vacations can ease the stress and pressures of ordinary life. A break is necessary and helpful for kid’s proper growth and development. I would venture to say that a break is priceless for adults, who on good days, need to have more fun. The warm sunny months seem to help us enjoy the beauty of creation more. It’s easier for us to be entertained outdoors in sunny warm weather. Also, the sunshine has been proven to cause people to adapt a lighter, more carefree attitude about life.

Whatever your summer looks like, take time to enjoy simple pleasures with family and friends. Bring on the cookouts in the summer breeze, the freshly grown garden vegetables and the family feasts! Make time to be with those you love, spend time with those you may not see as often, make it to that family reunion this year and remember to relax in the sunshine. We are created by God to work, to be productive, to be excellent in all we do, yet, He also created us to enjoy life abundantly. It is wonderful to enjoy the work of our hands, yet, our hands are to be held tightly together in a bond of unity.

This summer make time for fun at home or on a family vacation.
Laugh, smile, go fishing, relax on a boat, spend valuable time with the children, sit in the back yard, listen to the crickets, visit grandma and grandpa, read a good book, listen to Uncle Wilbur’s stories at the family reunion and honor God by resting your soul a little while in the warm summer breeze as the sun sets in the evening. Summer is upon us, have fun in the sun while you can! Now that’s a pocket full of Sunshine!

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Treena Wicoff is an independent recording artist, songwriter, radio show host, and inspirational speaker. One branch of her ministry has a unique twist called a Treengle. Check her out at

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