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The following story is taken from ll Kings 19:1-3. Verse 3 states, “And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of Trouble, and of Rebuke, and Blasphemy, for the children are come to the BIRTH, and there is not STRENGTH to bring forth.

I have been searching for understanding of this scripture for months. By no means am I a Bible scholar, but this Scripture challenged me. Why? Because after my "self" struggle concerning a personal dilemma in my own life, I appeared to be going nowhere, fast! I was beginning to feel like a remnant. However, while reading this powerful story of Hezekiah, I got a glimpse of my powerlessness. I saw that I was in a “waiting room,”...waiting for my answer to show up!

Hearing this scripture crying out, “No strength to bring forth,” are we as Christians so malnourished spiritually that strength is gone? What has been our manna? If the spirit of travail is to be present for sons and daughters to be born into the kingdom of God, then we all must become Hezekiahs. Hezekiah was a king. Now when I picture a king, I see him dressed in King's clothes, but in this day of trouble the Bible tells us, “He went into a sackcloth attire.” Sackcloth sounds a bit uncomfortable to me. Hezekiah took on the burden of the people.

This morning I received my answer; I received my "spiritual nudge." (Those who know me, know what I mean.) I heard within my spiritual temple the following command, "YOUR GREATEST WEAPON IS PRAYER". It wasn't “words of communication” to others, nor "speaking my thoughts.” For me to get a true release of the birth before me, I have to get into a spirit of travail, like Hezekiah. I have to get in the Sackcloth of Worth...strip off the "I" and get lowly before the "I AM".

Whatever is encircling you, right now, lay it aside before the Lord in humbleness (sackcloth), pick up your "strongest weapon" and enter into the spirit of travail. We will not only see the remnant saved but the saving of our families, dreams, desires, ambitions, and hopes. Whatever has been BARREN for too long or whatever has ROCKED OUR SAINTS TO SLEEP, is over! We must produce enough STRENGTH to bring to the BIRTH.

The spirit of travail is hard work. There are Birth's ready to spring forth out of us. God is the great creator, let Him do the work. We cannot depend on man for the birthing process. We must be alive in the Holy Word. Hezekiah went into the house of God in sackcloth. (This is a rough cloth, dark in color, usually made of goat's hair and worn by mourners.) So we, too, must do a stripping of "self" and get humble before our God, recognizing Him, as head of all.

I have a hard time picturing a birth (new creation) and not enough strength to bring forth. This is why that I feel God opened this scripture of truth, as MY reminder. YOUR STRONGEST WEAPON IS PRAYER! Hezekiah had the key … prayer. Hezekiah had the confirmation, Hezekiah knew the true King. Without the spirit of travail there are no sons or daughters born into the kingdom, nor is there any new creation without Him, who speaks all things into existence.

This story is so much longer than what is written here but I am trying to show you the importance of what is written in the Bible. I received my NUDGE...I am so glad I was listening! The use of our STRONGEST WEAPON forces us out of our comfort zone. I have several little sheep in "friendship pasture" and I want each of you to know that I care about you. I hope this story gives you something to think about. It has me. I write nothing, leaving myself out, it has hit me, first! "I love you, today...I will love you more, tomorrow."

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