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Mark 10:44-45, “And whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all. For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many."

It was a busy morning. I had many thoughts in my spirit about putting together a Patterson Promotions Homecoming. As I was thinking on these things, I was also getting ready to take my adult son to his Doctor’s appointment. You see, at 44 years old, he finds himself divorced and without a driver’s license because of an illness that has plagued his life since he was five years old. Because he doesn't have a wife, his Dad and I help him whenever we can, which brings me to this thought.

Just today, our Southern Gospel Times Editor, Tammie Herring, asked me if I would
put together an article for the magazine. My answer was, “I'll think on it and ask the Holy Spirit to give me something.” I went in for a moment with the Lord before leaving, and immediately was impressed with this thought, “Serving.”

What do you consider is serving? The concerts you pull together? The events that you pull together? The time you spend on some stage singing? Being called to serve does NOT mean we’ll be doing something we might consider glamorous or even something that we'd just rather be doing. Sometimes being a "servant" means we will be giving of ourselves, our time, or our strength to someone in need…like an adult child.

If we are not careful, we think because it's "our" son, daughter, mother, etc. that it’s not considered service. Well, that's not so. Consider, if I were doing something else, who would take my place here? Who would be available to do this thing for my precious son? Who would pick up and serve in this thing right now?

Remember, “To serve" means to give of myself completely and willingly to others. Who will YOU serve today?

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Pauline Patterson About Pauline Patterson
Pauline Patterson, singer and recording artist, owner of Patterson Music Group. PMG includes Patterson Promotions, Southern Gospel Times and partners with Grand Gospel Radio, with SGT/Grand Gospel Radio, streaming live world wide 24 hours a day. Celebrating 10 years (2015) in Radio promotions, Pauline's desire is still for souls and to encourage the body of Christ.

Pauline considers being mother to two sons, grandmother of three grandsons and wife of Ken Patterson for 39 years as her highest and most valuable calling. You can find out more about Pauline by visiting

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