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Do you ever question God and wonder about His timing? Do you ever sit and ponder and ask God those tough, “But why, God,” questions? Or do you just simply look at all that is happening and taking place in your life, or those around you, and ask, “Why,” “Why me,” “Why them,” or “What now?”

Oh, my dear friends, I am fairly certain that every one of us has had those moments and times of questioning God in all that we have to walk thru. In fact, I asked those same questions just earlier this morning for my own life and all that is taking place around me. I assure you that there is nothing wrong with us taking questions to our amazing “Daddy, God.” Rest assured, He has heard them all. The Scripture has already told us, “He knows the end from the beginning,” “His ways are perfect,” “Everything has a purpose and a season.” Of course, the hardest part is when He answers, “In His time”. But if you are like me, the questions still persist and always come, no matter what.

I really have to admit I have no patience. I mean I have ZERO tolerance of patience. I would probably argue with many of you that I have more questions of “Why’s” than you do. I really do. if you could hear me praying daily, you would most likely see that first hand. In the midst of all of the questioning, searching, seeking for answers, and striving to find solutions for all that is taking place, here is what I have found to be so true. It’s fairly simple. (I have no earthly idea how I came to the place where I can stand strong on what His truth declares for me, but I know this.) HE IS FAITHFUL…HE IS GOOD…HE IS A CONSTANT FRIEND…HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE ME….AND HE WILL NEVER PUT ON ME WHAT I CANNOT HANDLE. That’s it! It’s really nothing deep or super spiritual. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and striving to trust more. Maybe it’s because when I look back at every stage of my life, I can see that even in the middle of the dark, lonely valleys of questions, He was ALWAYS with me and He has ALWAYS been right on time.

Friend, I assure you, if you stop and take a long look at your own life; you will find it to be the same. He has promised, He will not leave us…He will not forsake us…He will be with us, always, and He has the perfect answer to every question that we have. Oh, for some of those questions, His answers will not be what we would choose, and for some of them, we may not get the answers until we stand before Him, but you know what? That’s ok. He has it all in control and He has every answer that we need. It’s plain and simple. When we truly decide to embrace that, and at least try to grasp it, it will help take us to a more peaceful place on the journey.

Yes, I will still have questions…lots of them…but I know that I know that I know…He has the answers.

Remember, you are loved my friends, and God has the answers to all your questions In HIS time!

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Dusty Wells About Dusty Wells

Dusty is an accomplished singer, songwriter, speaker and writer.

Over the past 30 years Dusty has worked with some of the most successful artists in the Gospel Music industry. He traveled with The Rambos and Dottie Rambo for 18 years. Dottie will forever be his hero that instilled the love of words into his soul.

His official title is Sales and Marketing Director for Word Entertainment/Warner Music Group but to those who know him, we call him THE ENCOURAGER. He just loves people and inspires all to live life to the fullest!

He and his wife, LaVonne, are the proud parents of 4 children and reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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