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Nudges With Mama Gayle - Gayle Hensley


As a child, I wondered of Heaven
Could there be a place for me?

My home was now broken and Mother was gone
Our home was so empty, Here I sat all alone

I'd sit and dream for hours
But the dreams could not foretell
Of the picture that satan was painting
For me and my sisters, as well

My eyes would cry, And my heart would pound
For I was afraid of the world and its sound

Now I am older and it still seems so sad
For satan had tricked, my Mom and Dad

There were nights of bitter loneliness
When I would have liked to run and hide
From a world outside
that was too dark (for me a tiny kid)

I could not understand, why Daddy drank so
I never could find him, though I searched to and fro

Mama was working, they loved us, I know
But satan was wrecking their love, and our home

Three young girls in the picture,
when the divorce was signed
"Hearts full of sorrow, were not mentioned"
Just sign your name.....was the reply

There are disappointments and heartaches in this life, I know
But none could hurt more than a home overthrown

Questions unanswered Problems unsolved
Yes, it is sad to have a broken home
All that they worked for.....never was gained
All that they strived too was in vain

But, thank God for Jesus...For him I did need
Yes, Jesus listened to me and my plea
So, friend, if satan is trying to shatter your home
Say, "Get behind me satan, My home is my Throne"
All that SIN has to offer, I want no part
But with Jesus......Mom and Dad......You can make a new start

Some of my childhood memories written on paper!

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