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Oh, the symphonies, the melodies, the joyful stanzas of creative euphonious harmonies! Don't you hear them? Can't you just feel the rhythmic sweet-sounding tunes rising up like a Sunday morning in your soul?

Sometimes I can. Not today though..

Alas! The serious Psalm-writer knows: It doesn't come easy. The lament beats louder in your head as it always does, like an abandoned building with a broken down piano. The cacophonous quiet is eerily deafening.

Once what was orchestral and agreeable becomes dissonant and unmusical.

I'd like to sit at your bench, but it's in pieces on the floor.

I'd like to play your keyboard, but there's no ivory anymore.

The strings are stripped and stretched beyond repair

Where once I wrote a symphony My heartstrings write despair...

(The Psalm-writer nudges)

"Sit right down, my sister.

Sit down with Me on the floor.

I was stripped and stretched beyond repair For you - many years before.

Quit searching for a sonnet, or a chorus of release

Be the voice of one awakened to The joy of the Master-peace."

©2015 Sue Duffield/DuffieldMusicGroup

Where is the discord in your life today? Who is it you're listening to? Who are you writing for? What has silenced you? Remember it is He, who has been where you’ve been. And it is HE who will walk with you through the minor key days of your life.

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Sue Duffield About Sue Duffield
Sue Duffield is a singer/songwriter and an all around crazy person! Her childhood heroes were Vestal Goodman, Carol Burnett and Karen Carpenter! She travels the world sharing her humor, music and inspiration. Sue is married to Jeff Duffield, pianist and session player in Nashville. You can find out more about Sue at

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